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The Aido campaign wants you to believe that it has a robot that will guard your home, suggest recipes, take pictures, read stories, help with home repairs, recognize guests, play songs and movies, send and receive video chats, set your thermostat, play with a ball, entertain your pet, project interactive menus, and wake you up, among other capabilities – all for a just $549 (multimedia projector and charging base docking station sold separately for an additional $400).


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Melissa Climate – Control your AC with your smartphone


Have total control over your comfort. Now you can control your air conditioner with
your smartphone from anywhere.

How it works?

After you have connected Melissa to your home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to send her commands and receive information about the current temperature and humidity at home through the Internet. When Melissa receives your command, she sends Infrared signals to your AC to change its settings.

Have the temperature you want when you come home.

No matter if you are out of town, at your villa, at work or stuck in traffic, you will have full remote control of your AC with Melissa.


Make your AC smart!

Even when it’s burning hot or freezing cold outdoors, you can always come back to the perfect home temperature thanks to Melissa. With its automatic geo-location function, Melissa will power up your AC well in advance of your return home.


Postacard – Text a Photo to Send as a Postcard Anywhere on Earth for $3

Text a photo to this number to send it as a 4×6 postcard for just $3:

1 (650) 285-1713

Msg & data rates may apply

More information:


How it Works

Text any photo you like 24/7 to our number and we will send it as a 4×6 postcard to any address you specify, anywhere on Earth. Simply answer two questions:

  1. What do you want it to say on the back?
  2. Where are you sending it?

That’s it! The postcard will show up at the address within a week.


Google’s Project Ara modular phone is reportedly suspended

But the company could still license out the technology to other phonemakers.


Google’s big plans for Project Ara might never pan out. According to Reuters, the big G has decided to shelve its modular phone initiative. Earlier this year, the company said it will be releasing a developer phone with interchangeable components in the fourth quarter of 2016 ahead of a consumer version scheduled for 2017. Alas, that might no longer happen.

Mountain View is reportedly suspending Ara “as part of a broader push to streamline the company’s hardware efforts.” It’ll be tough releasing a consumer version of a phone with interchangeable components, after all, even though the latest prototype isn’t as customizable as Motorola originally envisioned. The company will have to manufacture not just the units themselves, but also the modular speakers and cameras that people can swap out.

Those same sources said Google’s modular phone dream might not be completely dead, though. The company could still license out Project Ara’s technology to other phonemakers, which could eventually and finally release a version we can buy.

via Reuters

Pebble firmware 4.0 is out


Version 4.0 is all about maximizing  your ability to “glance and go.” We worked hard to make sure your Pebble helps you get information quickly and act faster than ever before.

All current users can update their Pebble apps to 4.0 from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round users can update their watches to 4.0 from the Pebble app: Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble.


Built for Speed

Pebble 4.0 is laser-focused on delivering quick, rich glances that let you get things done fast, like speedier system animations that improve the overall experience.

Favorite Pebble apps are just a press and hold away with the updated 4-Button Quick Launch. Assign favorite apps to the Up, Down, Back, and Select buttons to get going.

The mobile apps for iPhone and Android get in on the action as well. The Pebble 4.0 apps keep you on track and make managing your Pebble watches, faces, apps, and notifications a breeze. The new look and feel brings fresh colors, cleaner layouts and menus, and zippier performance.

Pebble Firmware 4.0 Release Notes

We’ve remade Pebble Health, Timeline, and the Pebble interface to fit your “glance and go” lifestyle. Get info quickly. Act faster than ever. Update your watch and app to version 4.0 to unlock all the new features. To update your watch, select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebblefrom the Pebble smartphone app.

  • All-New Pebble Health App. Press Up from your watchface to review your Pebble Health activity and sleep. Enjoy redesigned cards for quick glances at your current step and sleep performance. Press Right from each activity to dive deeper into your historical performance data.
  • Timeline with Quick Views. Press Down from your watchface for current and future views of your personal Timeline. Gaze up to three days into the future. Enjoy Quick Views—peeks at what’s coming up next—from your watchface. Press Down on a Quick View to see more about it, or press Back to dismiss it.
  • Better, Faster Launcher with App Glances. Press Select from your watchface for a new Launcher menu that’s built for speed. The banner design shows more items at once. App Glances show preview info without even opening an app.
  • 4-Button Quick Launch. Your favorite Pebble apps are just a press and hold away from your watchface. Assign a Quick Launch favorite to the Up, Down, Back, and Select buttons and blast off.
  • Built for Speed. New system animations make the overall watch experience faster.
  • For Developers. JavaScript developers can now create apps and experiences for the Pebble platform with Rocky.js.
  • Compatibility. Pebble Firmware 4.0 works with Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time Round, and the upcoming 2016 Pebble lineup (Pebble 2 and Time 2). Version 3.12.2 remains the most current firmware for Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel at this time.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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HacBook Elite


HacBook Elite is a fully-functional Mac running OS X – for 1/3 the price of a Macbook!

HacBook Elite ships with everything needed to start running the latest version of OS X. Once installed, OS X cold boots in 15 seconds and boots from sleep in 1 second.

  • Perfect for developing iOS, Mac apps
  • Dual-boot with Windows
  • Comes with iTunes, iMessage, App Store, etc.

Upgradable specs.

HacBook Elite has the same hardware specs as a 2013 MacBook Pro, for 1/3
the price. Unlike Macs, it’s entirely customizable and upgradable after purchase

To clarify, HacBook Elite is a ready-to-run *kit* that doesn’t come with OS X installed. It ships with everything besides that (i.e. Laptop, compatible WiFi chip, charger, user-friendly guide to getting started, customer support, etc).

Web & Pre-order:

Kickstarter: The Laptop Stand You’ve Been Waiting For | The Tiny Tower

Kickstarter: The Laptop Stand You’ve Been Waiting For | The Tiny Tower

Stop hunching. Get your posture back. Portable, compact, height-adjustable & beautifully designed, this laptop stand is like no other.

Laptops are extremely versatile but ergonomically they’re not ideal. The longer we spend on them, the more we hunch over them, causing pain in our neck, shoulders and back.

The Tiny Tower is a beautifully crafted, portable and height adjustable laptop stand that can be used to create a really comfortable setup .. in the café, in the office, at home or wherever you are.


Tiny Tower adjusts your screen quickly and easily to the right height for you to work comfortably. Simply change the height at the push of a button. Over 3″ (8cm) of adjustment is available through 10 different height settings. The Tiny Tower folds down in under 10 seconds into a compact unit that’s easy to carry with you. To create the ultimate mobile workstation, use it with the Tiny Tote — our high quality zipped nylon pouch that carries your Tiny Tower, keyboard and mouse.

The Tiny Tower will reliably support both Windows and Mac laptops 11″ up to and including 15”. It will even support the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro.

The Tiny Tower is truly versatile.

  • It can be used at a standing desk (please note that it’s not designed to replace a standing desk or worksurface).
  • The Tiny Tower supports Microsoft Surface natively and other tablets including the iPad provided they come with a self supporting stand.
  • Each Tiny Tower comes with a quality slide on protective sleeve.

Ships February 2017!



Aido: Next Generation Home Robot


Helpful, friendly & uniquely mobile – AIDO is the friendly home assistant you’ve been waiting for. 

Aido is voice-activated, feels touch, recognizes familiar faces and objects, and connects with your smart home devices over Wi-Fi or pairs with the kit’s companion smart plugs in order to create the perfect home environment.

It also comes with an iOS or Android app that you can use to set things like patrol paths for Aido to complete while you’re out. The head even comes off so you can use it as a tablet.

Technical Data


More Information at Indiegogo:–2#/