iOS App Store – Removing Problematic And Abandoned Apps – Requiring Shorter App Names


Apple has just published a list of App Store improvements that will begin to go into effect next Wednesday, September 7th. The changes seek to remove broken and forgotten apps from the App Store, apps that are currently breaking App Store review guidelines, and that are just no longer functional.

The notice to developers today indicates that Apple will begin reviewing and removing non-functional apps on September 7th within all categories from the App Store. Apps that automatically crash on launch will be immediately removed from the App Store, but other apps will have 30 days to submit an update to keep the app within the store. Apple makes it clear that apps that are removed won’t lose functionality for users who currently have it installed, but future customers will no longer be able to search for it.

In preparation for the coming culling, Apple suggests developers read the latest App Store Review Guidelines and confirm that all current apps follow them. Apple recommends that developers continue to address overall functionality issues within the app and to update it regularly. Most interestingly, they explicitly state that if an app is no longer being updated, developers should consider removing it from the App Store.


App Store developers today also received emails re-iterating the upcoming changes, alongside an additional indication that shorter app names will also be a focus. Generously used with apps that look to spam search keywords and overtake similar apps, Apple is now discouraging the use of lengthy names. Apps submitted to iTunes Connect will now be limited to 50 characters. As of now these spammy names usually include descriptions and terms not relevant to the applications or user.  Developers looking for some help in this area can read the App Store Product Page for more information.

These changes should help curb some of the spam and abandoned applications that currently resides in the App Store. It isn’t uncommon now to download an app and see that it still hasn’t been updated to support the new iPhone 6 (or even iPhone SE) resolution, or that it just crashes within its main functionality. The new naming limitations will also hopefully hamper development farms that create keyword-related app titles looking to copy the success other top-grossing applications. Unfortunately, Apple’s update today doesn’t indicate that it will retroactively adjust apps with absurdly long titles.

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Pattern App – Easily Create UX Drawings

Pattern App – Easily Create UX Drawings

Pattern is a simple, focused, drawing application for early stage design and ideation. It focuses on simple design tools rather than fancy brushes and effects. It is made for the iPad and iPad Pro.

Pattern is designed to let you ideate quickly, in a way that truly takes advantage of the iPad and iPad Pro. It is not meant to replace desktop software, but rather be an additive tool to help designers get their ideas out more quickly.



By using gestures to draw, create shapes, and erase, Pattern allows you to spend more time drawing, and less time switching between modes.

Making shapes as easy as possible was a priority given how important this is to storyboards and wireframes. The shape tool works by simply pinching the canvas to snap shapes to the grid.

Drawing is accomplished with your finger or Apple Pencil, allowing you to switch seamlessly between shapes and freehand drawing.

With an Apple Pencil connected, the user has the option to use their finger as an eraser. This allows you to simply slide your finger over the canvas to erase, just as you would on a whiteboard.

Couple all this with an adjustable dot grid and Pattern becomes an extremely fast and precise drawing tool.


  • Fast and precise gestural shape tool.
  • Full Apple Pencil support.
  • Four dot grid sizes for more accurate drawing.
  • Finger-as-eraser setting for Apple Pencil users.
  • Continuous auto-save.
  • Full orientation and multitasking support.
  • Export to Mail, Photos, Airdrop, iCloud, Dropbox and more.
  • Optimized for the iPad Pro.


App Website:

Taggle – Clean your Photo Gallery with #tags


Taggle lets you do everything with your photos in just one touch. A swipe-based UI makes tagging, deleting, and locking photos a glee. And Taggle’s “multi-tagging” and voice search let you label multiple tags on the photos, so that you may find specific photos in just seconds.

With Taggle, photo categorization will be a doddle. After experiencing perfectly sorted photos and quick search, you’ll never be able to go back to the default gallery.

Taggle is available for beta for iPhone and iPad. To sign up for access, visit our website. Apple Watch and Android version is on its way.