10th Birthday Wishes

It seems like just yesterday you were only 9. You've become a decade old literally overnight.
Enjoy the last year of being able to count your age using your fingers.
You're the coolest 10 year old I've known since I was your age.
A ten-ager is like a teenager without the bad attitude.
If you have to rate your birthday on a scale from 1-10, I hope it's a 10!
It doesn’t get any cooler than turning ten. You are at the perfect age. Enjoy it!
You are 1 decade old… or 10 years old… or 120 months old… or 3,650 days old… or 87,600 hours old… or 5256000 minutes old… depending on the unit of measure you seem pretty young or pretty old.
You're turning 10 right on time. It will be a great year to be a 10-year-old.
You were born exactly a decade ago. It seems like a long time when a decade is your entire life. When you get to be several decades old, one decade doesn’t seem like so much time.
Did anyone give you permission to grow up so fast? We can’t believe you are already 10.
Congratulations on turning 10! You are really getting older now. It has been fun to watch you grow up these last 10 years.
Just think if you were a 10-year-old dog. You’d be a senior citizen.
Congratulations on turning the big “ONE-O!” You’re growing up now that you are out of the single digits.
You may not feel old now, but each ten years that you add from now on will make you feel much older.
Look at how grown up you have become. You’ve gone from a 9 year old little boy/girl to a 10 year old young man/lady.  Happy 10th!
You’re age is twice as many digits as it was when you were nine. You’ll have to wait 90 more years to add another digit to your age now that you are in the double digits.
For your birthday you get your choice between three different gifts. You can have 10 spankings, 10 kisses, or 10 dollars… To heck with it, I know what you will choose. Here’s your 10 dollars. Happy birthday! (Enclose 10 dollars as a gift)
Now that you turned 10, you're old enough to begin. Get this birthday party started.