40th Birthday Wishes

I can think of 40 reasons you might be feeling your age today.
Happy 39th again!
If you aren't grown up by now, it probably won't happen.
You don't look too bad for 50. Oh yeah, you're turning 40. Never mind.
You can forget about being trusted by teenagers. You're even too old to be trusted by people in their 20's.
You look young for someone in their 40's. Maybe that's because you haven't been in your 40's for long.
Don't fret over turning 40. You still have 10 years until you are 50!
Now that you are 40 you will finally have to grow up, or not. It's up to you.
You're not over the hill yet. Actually, you will probably always feel like you are walking up hill now that you're 40.
You have 40 reasons to admit to yourself that you are getting older, but I won't make you. Have a happy 40th birthday!
You have an excuse to go treat yourself to a new sports car. You're old enough to have a midlife crisis now that you're 40.
Congratulations on turning 39 years old again for the second time. I’m looking forward to celebrating your 39th for many years to come.
To prove to yourself that 40 is not such a big number, see if 40 cents can buy the same things as you used to be able to buy when you were a kid.
Just think, in the 1800’s a 40 year old would be lucky to be alive. Considering that, you look very good for your age.
If 40 is "the new 20," then tell me what 20 is... the new born?
If you can still blow out all your candles in one breath, then you are still in good shape. Good luck! Happy 40th birthday!
Just think, you are now half way to being 80. 40 sounds so young when you think about it that way.
Congratulations on turning 39 with and extra year of experience under your belt. The extra year shows.
If you start to feel really old, just remember that age is just a number. Yours just happens to be a big number.
I went to the psychic and asked about you. They said you are having a birthday and they see bifocals and hearing aids in your near future.
Think of yourself as two twenty-year-old people instead of one forty-year-old.