Belated Birthday Wishes

I'm sorry my card is late. I didn't notice you getting older.
I'm not known to be punctual, but I do care about my friends. That pretty much explains the card.
Better late than never. Especially when you get a present with the card, right? Happy Birthday!
Please forgive my absent-mindedness.
Were you born before your due date? It seems like you should have been born today.
I hear that it's more fashionable to be late, so why would you expect my birthday wishes to be on time?
The question is not how late my birthday card was, it is how early it was for your next birthday.
"I’m late," which is what your mom said about 8 months before your birthday.
I missed your birthday, again. I’ll have to work on my aim.
Oops, it was your birthday again, and I forgot. Happy Belated Birthday!
"Na na na na boo boo!" I was the last one to wish you a happy birthday this year.  Happy belated birthday.
Hey, I know I’m late with the birthday card, but most people aren't born on their due date.  I figured it’s o.k. to be a little early or a little late, the way people are born.
The best birthday surprise is a card that comes late. I just want to let you know that I was holding your card to help build the suspense.  Hope you had a great birthday, and you liked your surprise card.
There are 365 days in a year, and we’re all supposed to aim for one day to give you your card and presents?
Birthdays are like Bigfoot.  They surprise the crap out of you and they are easy to miss.
Hey you probably think I am really late getting you your birthday card, but actually I am just a little early wishing you a happy half birthday.
We’re almost late enough with your birthday card, we could almost wait until next year and give you two cards.
Better late than never for a birthday card… especially when there is money inside; right?
I know I’m late getting you this birthday card, but I know you’ll be the same age for most of another year, so I have plenty of time.
I'm sending you this belated birthday message to let you know that I am wishing you a happy birth-year instead of just a happy birth-day. Who says you can’t celebrate the entire year? I’m not late at all with your card.