21st Birthday Wishes

It takes exactly 21 years to perfect a 21-year-old like you.
Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's a good idea.
Twenty one is the magical age when responsibility starts to taste better than alcohol. Enjoy your new taste for responsibility.
Your fake I.D. has expired! You’re 21! Happy Birthday!
I know you are excited about finally being able to buy a hand gun, but did you know that you can also legally buy alcoholic beverages at age 21? Most people only think about the hand gun thing.
It seems like only a year ago you were turning 20. What's up with that?
The law seems to encourage you to do two dangerous things on your 21st birthday: buy alcohol and buy a hand gun. It doesn't seem smart to me, but hey, it’s America!
The countdown to your thirties has started. Nine years to go!
Remember, if you can’t count backwards from 21 by sevens, you are probably having too good of a time at your 21st birthday party.  Happy 21st birthday!
There’s a reason that no one can become a U.S. president until the age of 35. It’s because of the years 21-34. That way you have 14 years to sober up and become President.
There's a reason they let you start drinking when you turn 21. It is the first birthday in your twenties when you realize you are getting closer to 30, and that’s not as fun as turning 20. So, here’s to depressing twenty one.
It’s barrels of fun to turn twenty one.
I can’t think of a single reason someone would be excited to turn 21.  Can you?  Try to have a happy birthday anyway.
Everyone focuses on telling you to drink responsibly when you turn 21, but I want to warn you of another danger.  Eat responsibly, because your metabolism will be slowing down as you get older.
If you ask Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap why 21 is so much better than 20, he would simply explain, “It’s one older… isn’t it?”
As a twenty one year old, you should know whether 21 is a prime number or not. If you don’t know, you might have to ask someone younger, because the rest of the adults can’t remember school.
For some reason twenty-one-year-old people are not able to blow out their candles as well as twenty year old people. No one knows why this is true, but anyone who has observed it will tell you that the twenty-year-old people are better with their aim for some reason.
Now that you’re twenty-one you are probably too mature to do foolish and ridiculous things that you’ll regret. That’s why the government decided to allow a substance to induce 12-15 year old behaviors. This way the general population will be able to stay immature.
Congratulations! It’s now legal for you to vote, die in war, and be drunk all at the same time. That’s what I call responsibility.
When you turn 21, keep in mind that alcohol consumption is the leading cause of public humiliation and embarrassment across the globe. Remember that not all things that are legal are wise.
Congratulations! Now that you are 21 it is now legal to kill yourself via brain and liver poisoning. At the same time you can spend money you shouldn’t, do risky things, and maybe do some things that aren’t legal that you would normally never do.
For every person wishing they were 21 or older, there are at least 5 people wishing they were younger. Congratulations on getting older.
Congratulations, it just became lawful for you to do the same stupid things you've been doing since you were a teenager. It’s just that now you can have some help from a poisonous substance.
Statistics show that those who do not start drinking before they are 21 remain mostly non drinkers; while those who are heavy drinkers before age 21 usually remain heavy drinkers. Congratulations on your likely future of more of the same. Happy 21st birthday!