30th Birthday Wishes

The psychological aging that occurs at age 30 is much worse than the true physical aging that happens.
3 decades was just the right amount of time for you to become the amazing person you are.
It’s hard to believe that we've had you as our child for three decades. It has been a great three decades.  We’re looking forward to seeing as many more decades as we can in the future. Happy 30th birthday! (From parents)
Congratulations on turning 29 years old again for the second time. I’m looking forward to celebrating your 29th for many years to come.
30-year-old people are usually wise, stable, and responsible. Here’s to you making some positive changes as you get a little bit older.
Jesus was 30 when he started his ministry work. We’re looking forward to what God has planned for you now that you are definitely old enough to be used by Him. We’re praying for you.
Just think, in the 1800’s you would be a senior citizen by now. Considering that fact, you look very young for your age.
I couldn't write you a birthday message this year that has a joke that is dirty. You’re definitely too old to laugh at something so immature now that you are thirty.
I know that since you are thirty, your birthday message needs to be wordy. I don’t really have much to say, but I hope this short message is o.k. (short 30th birthday poem)
Here’s a nice poem about turning 30: Funny things start to happen to your body when you turn 30.  Your feet, back, and legs begin to feel lest sturdy. Weight will accumulate around your waist, because the food that you love will not lose its good taste.
30 is the new 20.  Most people don’t have their lives figured out by your age. Happy birthday, and don’t worry if you still don’t have everything figured out, just like the rest of us.
If you can still blow out all your candles in one breath, then you are still young. Good luck! Happy 30th birthday!
30 is a good time to look back at how your life and the world has changed over the last 3 decades. Now think about how much things will be different in another 30 years. You’ll still be the same cool person even then. Happy birthday!
20’s are probably a little overrated. 30’s are a lot more fun. Welcome to the fun decade.