Baby Congratulations

Congratulations! Nothing is more precious than the gift you've been given.
I have no words to describe the joy I'm feeling.
Enjoy all the little things, because it goes by so fast.
We are so excited for you. Your life will never be the same. Have fun and enjoy your little bundle of joy.
Take care of that little one!
We're looking forward to the big day and years to come!
You are going to be the best parents ever. It's easy to see so many great parent qualities in you already.
We're wishing you an easy, safe, and healthy delivery.
We were excited to find out that you guys are going to have a baby. Congratulations on your growing little one!
May the Lord bless you, and may His face shine upon you.
We are so happy for you both! God bless you with a healthy, beautiful child.
New life and new perspectives are two things you will have the opportunity to experience soon. We, as  the grandparents, are looking forward to the day we get to hear you say to your own child, "Because I said so."
I'm looking forward to being able to congratulate you when you finally get rid of the huge parasite that's living inside you. I will congratulate you for your nine months of being a host.
Having a new baby is the most amazing, eye-opening, significant, beautiful, and ever increasingly expensive gift God could ever give you. Good luck and congratulations on being blessed.
Congratulations on getting pregnant. We know that you will be a great mom/dad/parents to our new little member of the family. We can't wait to meet him or her.
Congratulations on your new roles and responsibilities as parents. We are confident you will direct and teach your little one the right things at the right time. We are also confident you will end up learning just as much along the way.
Let us know if you need any advice about how to raise your new baby. After all, we did raise you, and look how good you turned out. -With love, from your Mom and Dad.
Everyone tells you that you should cherish this time. They grow up fast, and it will be over before you know it. What they didn't tell you is that it's good that it goes fast because that's the only way you can make it without going crazy.
Your baby probably doesn’t realize how lucky he/she is to have a mom like you. You are going to be a great parent to your baby.
You have new life coming. Not only is the baby's life new, but your life will be filled with new experiences, joys, and learning.
Congratulations on you new, little, developing package. We’re wishing you a happy, healthy, smooth and swift delivery.
You’re having a baby! And we are very happy to celebrate with you.
We are excited about meeting our new member of the family, and we are looking forward to loving on your new little one when he/she arrives.
Having a baby is an awesome experience that only a parent could understand. There’s nothing like it, and you will be amazed. Congratulations on your upcoming amazing experience.
We are praying for your new baby to be blessed with health, intelligence, and a sense of humor. He/she will need it in your family. But he/she will surely be blessed by being born as your child. You’ll be great parents to your little baby.
Just remember, babies turn into toddlers, kids, teens, and then young adults. You’ll get to experience the joys and the challenges through all of the stages.
Babies always change everything, so we are praying that you have the flexibility to change with grace and patience. We are praying for your unborn blessing from God.
Be comforted in the knowledge that God already knows your baby.
Thank you for allowing me to celebrate at your baby shower. It’s exciting to think about getting to know your baby in just a few more weeks.
I’m looking forward to being introduced to the cutest baby in the world.
We are praying for a happy and healthy little baby and a happy and healthy mommy. Congratulations on your pregnancy.  We are looking forward to meeting the baby soon!
Congratulations on your new little blessing, and congratulations to your little blessing for having you as a mom. You’ll make a great parent.
I hope that the gift I got you will come in handy once your baby is here.
I am super excited for you and the blessing you have coming!
We will be praying for your growing family, and wishing you a healthy dose of joy.
We're really excited to meet the new member of the family. Enjoy all of the adventure of having a baby!
I am looking forward to seeing not only the new baby, but how great of a parent you will be.
First you made a cute couple. Now you make a cute kid.
I remember when you were the one we were having a shower for, and now you're having another shower. It's just that this time you have to be the mom.
Congratulations on becoming a mother. You'll do a great job in your new role.
You will have the great responsibility of looking after a helpless human being soon. Here's to the fun of responsibility.
If you ever need someone to watch your baby, you know I'm available.
Congratulations on the next adventure of you life, and the first adventure of your babies life.
Here to smiles, laughter, patience, and joy. And we look forward to seeing the happy little baby girl or boy.
Keep in mind that if you ever need any advice, you can give me a call. But I am confident that you will be a great parent.

Funny Baby Wishes:

It takes a four letter word to describe a newborn baby. CUTE!
Babies suck. It is a scientifically proven fact. In fact, they usually suck until they start eating solid foods. Good luck with your baby who is going to suck.
Let's hope your new baby takes after his mom's looks right? Well, actually, let's hope the little guy takes after her for everything. Congratulations!
Just think of all the cool things that are coming in the future. The first tattoo, first date, first day of school, first words, and first steps are all ahead of you. Well… hopefully not in that order though.
You don’t have to take a test to prove that you can be a parent because babies don’t have to take a test to prove that they will be a handful. Good luck learning everything you need to learn at just the right moments.
Congratulations on the success of your little baby maker.
There’s no question now that you are extremely creative. Congratulations on your new little development!
It would be nice to be able to interview your own unborn baby before accepting him/her for the position as your child as if he/she was applying for a job. Unfortunately, there is no resume and there are no references to call.  I don’t think any babies would be getting hired in this economy. Congratulations on your new hire to the family.
Explain to me why a baby needs a shower when it is already in the middle of a 9-month-long bath. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give the baby a shower after it is born. Babies are slimy and messy after birth.
Babies are for people who have a dog but who don’t feel like their dog takes enough responsibility.
I'm especially happy for you because you're the one having the baby. A newborn is a lot of work!
If you're feeling overwhelmed, just be grateful that babies don't come out adult-sized.
I wonder what people did before ultrasound when they wanted to get a look at the baby during pregnancy. Thank goodness for modern technology.
A birth is a beautiful thing... for the type of person who likes to watch gory movies.
Call me if you need a babysitter who is good at spoiling cute kids!
Congratulations on your new development. You are proving to be a creative person.
Babies stink and they suck. Enjoy your little stinking sucker!
I bet your baby will come out laughing if he/she gets your sense of humor.
I would like to ask that you name your baby after me. I don't mean for you to give the baby my name. I mean, you should name the baby, "After Me."
They say half of all pregnancies are unplanned. Here's to better planning next time.
Let's celebrate by eating some baby back ribs, baby carrots, and baby corn. Mmmm... Baby food!
I don't understand why your baby needs a shower if he isn't even born yet.
If you ever need advice about parenting, make sure you read the manual for your specific model of baby before calling me as a last resort.