60th Birthday Wishes

Everyone goes through grief in their own way. You have lost your 50s, and I hope you are able to move toward acceptance before you hit your 70s.
Just a few more years until senior citizen discounts will pay for half of all your expenses.
I think you’re going to come to find out that your 60’s will be as energetic and active as your 20’s… It’s just that you’ll have people in their 20’s doing most of your work for you.
At 60 years old your experience becomes as valuable as your natural talent. Happy birthday to an experienced and talented person! (Sincere 60th Birthday Message)
Congratulations, you are now old enough you can use your back or your demented mind as an excuse to get out of just about anything you don’t want to have to do. Happy 60th birthday!
Enjoy your last decade of driving faster than your age. When you get in your 70’s, 60 mph will be way to fast. Your top speed and age are the same in your 60’s.
When you turn 60, you really have a good view of all ages. You’re not far from the finish line, and you can laugh at all the people who think 40 or 50 is old.
You’re no longer middle aged.  So… what does that make you? End aged? That sounds depressing. Happy 60th birthday!
Just think, this is your 60th birthday cake. Keep having birthdays so I can keep having cake every year on this day.
Too bad we can’t get people cake and celebrate their lives at times other than their birthdays. Then people could really enjoy the celebration without feeling really old. Oh well, happy 60th birthday.
Good thing people don’t age as fast as some other things like dogs, cars, or computers. I’m glad you are a human instead of a dog, because otherwise you’d be dead by now.
You’re going to need a huge cake for all your candles. With 60 candles this year, it’s best if you use fake LED candles so you don’t pollute the air and cause global warming. You’d have to get the fire department to help you put all those candles out.
May your turning the milestone age of 60 make you feel more relaxed knowing that your life troubles are all temporary but you still have some time to enjoy the things and people you love. (Philosophical 60th birthday message)
At 60 years old, people at work will finally start to listen to you, and who cares if you don’t realize that they are listening because they think you say funny stuff. Congratulations on becoming the old witty coworker.
You're just the right age to be my favorite 60-year-old.
I don't think you'll miss your 50s much with as much fun as we are planning to have during your 60s.
You're finally old enough to get around to doing all the stuff that you wanted to do before you turn 70.
You just got a whole decade more distinguished than a 50-year-old.
In your 60s, you get to be wise enough to know what is worth spending your time and energy to do. I hope it's an amazing next decade.
I hope this decade of your 60s is your most fun yet!
I am glad that I got to spend time with while you were in your 50s and I'm looking forward to spending even more time with you this next decade.
This will be a great year to be a 60-year-old.