18th Birthday Wishes

Now that you are 18 and you can legally vote, I suggest you vote for your own party.
Stop aging. No, seriously, stop aging. You're the perfect age right now. It doesn't get any better than 18.
It's not that people can't tell you what to do now that you're an adult, it's that you have to pay the full consequences of your decisions. Enjoy not having to listen to anyone.
Now that you are 18, don't expect to ever be trusted by kids again.
Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you don't have to listen to my advice. I suggest you have a happy birthday.
Don't get too big of a head about your age. You're still a teenager.
It's o.k. if this year is the best year of your life. 18 is a pretty special age.
Being an adult is a wonderful responsibility. Enjoy your new privilege.
Look our world! There's a new adult about to be unleashed on you.
Now that you’re 18, the government will treat you like an adult. But your parents may still want to treat you like a kid. Congratulations on having legal proof that you are now an adult.
No more toys for you. You’re an adult now. Expect to only get boring ‘useful’ presents for your birthdays from now on.  Happy 18th birthday!
Have fun on your birthday, but remember to be careful. Now you’re old enough to be tried as an adult.
Most people will tell you that they wish they had stopped aging on their 18th birthday. Have fun making the rest of us jealous of your age.
You’re old enough to drive, vote, and enlist yourself in the military, but you’ll have to wait to drink alcohol and carry a hand gun. I guess they don’t want you to try out all the dangerous things at the same time.
16 is about growing up and becoming independent by driving. 18 is about being responsible and being treated like an adult. And 21 is about being just old enough that you probably won’t start drinking if you haven’t already started. Remember that you are now responsible for your own actions, but the government still doesn’t trust you with alcohol.
Alice Cooper wrote a song about you, and I think you are just now old enough to listen to it. Enjoy my recommendation.
It’s scary that they let 16-year-olds operate a motor vehicle. It’s scary that they let you vote at 18, but it’s even scarier when you turn 21. Then they let you carry a hand gun and drink. It get’s scarier and scarier watching you grow up.
Enjoy your rights as an adult while you still are reckless and energetic enough to get the most out of your new privileges.
Even though you have this year and next year to be a teenager, you’re done being a child. Congratulations on becoming an adult.
A lot of people think of teenagers as kids, but you are living proof that teenagers can be adults too. Happy 8 TEENTH birthday!
They say most people’s physical performance peaks between ages 18 and 25. Enjoy your physical strength and endurance while it lasts. Happy 18th birthday!
Even though you’re technically old enough to operate military equipment worth millions, be tried as an adult as a criminal, sign legal documents, and kill yourself with cigarettes, you’ll have to wait a few more years before they’ll let you decide to do these things under the influence of alcohol. Thank goodness you are only 18.
Some things in life are worth waiting for, like all the things you can do now that you're 18.
I've waited 18 years to see you turn 18, and I'm going to have to wait one more year to see you turn 19. That wouldn't be true if I had a time machine.
You're an adult now. When you act your age, you'll be acting grown up.