Romantic Sayings

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I am madly in love with you, because you are super attractive.
Please whisper that you love me in my ear, and I'll whisper something back.
Love is such a simple word to describe the strong feelings I have for you.
I wish your time and my time could live together. Our time would waste each other making out like crazy.
You are the one person in this world that I have an insatiable desire to have. Even when I'm with you, I am thinking about how to get more of your time.
Please excuse me for not being the most romantic person in the world. You deserve a lot more than I am capable of giving you.
You push my buttons in all the right places at all the right times. I like pushing yours too!
It's no coincidence that we are attracted like a couple of strong magnets. The pull you are feeling from me is intentional and constant.
I am totally yours from from head down to my toes. Please take care of me.
I'm honored to have you in my life, and I'm blessed to be madly in love with you.
You will never be able to feel what I feel for you. My words do an injustice in expressing what my heart wants to say.
No one can compete with you for the great big space you take up in my heart
I'm not sure were I'd be without you, but it would be less fun.
This may sound shallow, but I am super excited to have such a sexy special someone. I totally lucked out.
Love intertwined with respect creates an unbreakable chord.
Distance and time are but a flea on the back of love, creating an itch, but no true harm.
No man is more content than the man who has found his true love.
Smiles are involuntary on the faces of lovers in the company of those they adore.
Love is a roller coaster. You’re committed to riding once the movement starts. You can’t get off until there’s a complete stop.
It’s not that love fades over time, it’s just that our eyes get used to the light.
Love is like the hot and molten rock below the earth’s surface. It constantly oozes out but also has the potential to explode in a destructive way.
If my heart could smile, it would reserve that gesture for the most pure and strong love.
True love and romance are free, only the imposters and phonies can be bought.
Just as Christ’s love beat death, so our love will extend beyond the grave.
Truly loving something is the easiest, hardest, boring, most fun, rational and irrational thing you could ever do.
Everyone knows that love is a roller coaster. Roller coasters are pretty safe as long as you stay seated and keep your arms inside the car.
A large freight train is more easily stopped than an obsessive love.
Find a good wife and you will have a beautiful rose that never withers. Find a good husband and you will have a lifetime supply of roses.
You can tell where a man’s heart is by where he spends his time and money.
Just as muscles need resistance to build strength, so love must be tested to become strong.
Nothing precious remains precious for long when it is treated like junk, but anything will eventually become precious if treated as something precious.
Love is strengthened in the opportunity weakness provides.