Microsoft Pix – intelligent camera app for iOS


Microsoft Pix is a smart camera app that automatically helps you take better photos without extra effort. It’s built with serious intelligence behind the lens, so it’s a bit like having a professional photographer tweaking your settings between each shot. This ensures that people and scenes look their best, so you can focus on enjoying the moment instead of struggling to capture it.


Smart Capture

Microsoft Pix is a bit like having a pro photographer in your phone—always tweaking settings, selecting your best shots, and enhancing each one. It also captures frames before you even tap on the shutter, so you won’t miss the best moment.



People are our most important photo subjects, so when a face is detected, Microsoft Pix automatically adjusts settings and after-shot enhancements. It also lets you compare the before and after, to ensure everyone looks their best.


More Fun

Microsoft Pix helps you have more fun with photos. When interesting motion is sensed in your shot, it automatically creates a short, looping video called a Live Image. It also helps you stabilize and time lapse new or existing videos.

Microsoft Pix uses proprietary multi-frame de-noise technology, which helps your photos look as clear and lifelike as possible. Check out the difference in detail on people’s facial features and clothing, including noise reduction in lower light, and greater clarity in the detail of the distinct blacks of her hair and vest.

Microsoft Pix uses multiple technologies to provide true, accurate color for skin tones, food, and foliage, as well as accurate exposure and detail in both the shadow and the highlight areas of the photo. Compare the differences in the shadows on people’s faces, or the color and crispness of the greens in the salad bowl.


via Microsoft